Are You Striking-Off Your Inactive Company? Let Us Buy It From You.

We pay up to £250 for a limited company you no longer want

If you've got a UK limited company you don't need any more, talk to us before you close it down. We're a London-based firm of accountants and we're always looking to buy inactive limited companies. We pay up to £250 per company and we can save you a fair bit of hassle to boot. Get in touch today.

Accounts or tax returns due? We'll do them free of charge

If your company's accounts, tax returns or annual returns are due, you'll need to pay someone to prepare them before you can wind up the company. If we buy the company from you, we'll take care of all the paperwork free of charge. You'll only need to pay your outstanding tax bill - no accountants' fees at all.

Why Are we interested in buying your company?

We have overseas clients who are looking to buy ready-made UK companies with an established trading history. These companies are viewed more positively than brand new start-ups when doing business overseas. It doesn't actually matter how much turnover your company generated in the past or even if there was no turnover at all. It still could be of interest to us.

How it works - 5 simple steps

Transferring your company to us is easy. Just follow these five simple steps:

  1. Get in Touch – Complete the contact form with basic details about your company. We will perform the usual due diligence based on available public records. We may contact you for more information if we need to.
  2. Offer - If we are interested in buying your company, we'll make you an offer. This will take into consideration any outstanding accounts work.
  3. Contract - If you accept we'll send you the paperwork to read and sign. You then send the signed paperwork to us.
  4. Finalise Paperwork, Accounts - We process all the paperwork and finalise any outstanding accounts or tax returns. You will need to sign the tax returns and pay any outstanding tax before the company is transferred over to us.
  5. Transfer Ownership, Payment - Once HMRC have confirmed that the company is in good standing, we replace the names of your shareholders and directors with ours. Finally we will notify HMRC and Companies House. You will receive a copy of all communications. Once the transfer is complete we'll send you a cheque.


We only buy companies that meet all the following criteria. Your company must:

  • be a UK Ltd company - no sole trader businesses, no LLPs etc
  • be inactive - there must be no ongoing supplier/customer contracts or other obligations. This includes mobile phone contracts, leasing and rental agreements etc.
  • have a UK VAT Registration number
  • have no assets, no cash in the bank
  • have no debts
  • have no County Court Judgements (CCJs)
  • have nothing outstanding as far as HMRC are concerned

If your company does not meet all these requirements we will not be able to buy it from you.

Your company may have overdue accounts, tax returns or annual returns. We may undertake these free of charge; request an offer for your company to find out.

What's the risk?

There is no risk for you. We don't ask you for any personal or confidential details - only company information that is already in the public domain on the Companies House website. We will transfer the company directorships and shareholders to our name and draw up a contract that confirms the transaction.

Is there a tax implication?

We are only interested in buying companies that have no assets. As long as a company has no value, there are no tax implications when it comes to selling it.